Prices in our salon are determined in such a way that a cosmetologist gets a fixed amount of money to which the cost of cosmetics is added. That's why it is difficult to determine in advance how much one or the other procedure will cost. The prices below show the range that you can count on during your visit to our salon.
Consultation concerning the selection of home skin care routine _
900 UAH at the cosmetologist
2000 UAH at Tatiana's
With home skin care routine one can solve most skin problems. During the consultation, the cosmetologist will carry out a detailed diagnosis of your skin, a thorough analysis of existing skin care routine, select a care routine for home in accordance with your needs and requirements of your skin. She will also recommend how to properly use the cosmetics, suggest the recommended procedures in our salon, as well as the ones with adjacent specialists or in correspondent clinics. We usually send the results of the consultation together with all the prescriptions in electronic form, so you won't forget or miss anything. It is important to note that the prescriptions are valid no more than 2 months from the date of the consultation. Cosmetologists also provide free support, but not more than 2 months from the date of the consultation.

For the residents of all cities in Ukraine and other countries such consultations are also available online.
Face massage
(45 minute) _
1000 UAH at the cosmetologist
1450 UAH at Tatiana’s
We don't practice some specific massage technique, but combine different methods depending on a morphotype of the face, skin features and aims. Massage — is one of the physiological procedures and of course you receive the best result if you go through the whole course. Nevertheless, even after one massage you will see the result: improvement of the face colour and tissue tone.
Face massage with mask
(75 minute) _
from 1300 UAH at the cosmetologist
from 1800 at Tatiana’s
After massage conductivity of the skin increases, that's why components of the mask can go deeper and act more effective. You can choose cream, alginate or carboxytherapy masks.
Cleansing Procedure
(75 minutes) _
from 1100 UAH at the cosmetologist
from 2000 UAH at Tatiana's
This cleansing procedure allows you to get rid of oxidized excessive sebum, as well as to reduce the visibility of pores, all without manual extraction, pain or rehabilitation period.

We don't practice manual cleansing in our salon, and we believe that this supposedly obligatory "hygienic" procedure is nothing more than a relic of the past.
Face care
(75 minutes) _
from 1300 UAH at the cosmetologist
from 2300 UAH at Tatiana’s
Skin care protocols at our salon usually include a chiropractic massage combined with LED-therapy, microcurrent or electroporation. You will feel the power of Tatiana Shalagina skin care approach, and together with her or your private cosmetologist you will learn what home skin care you require in order to maintain the necessary results.
Skin surface peelings
(60 minutes) _
from 1100 UAH at the cosmetologist
from 2000 UAH at Tatiana's
We stick to the idea of gentle skin care without unnecessary aggression, so we mostly use skin surface peelings. In combination with LED-therapy and quality home skin care routine, one can achieve excellent results.
Adjuvant therapy for acne of 1st and 2nd degree
(75 minutes) _
from 1100 UAH at the cosmetologist
from 2000 UAH at Tatiana's
In order to correct acne, first there is a need for a detailed consultation with the prescription of home skin care routine, which will be the basis for a successful treatment. The course of treatment in the salon usually includes 6 - 10 procedures, depending on the condition of the skin.
LED therapy
(40 minutes) _
500 UAH at cosmetologist
This is a light therapy with the use of LED lamp from a British manufacturer Dermalux Flex, which is certified as a medical device in the territory of European Union. Phototherapy is especially suitable for acne correction, treating rosacea, as well as an additional therapy for various dermatoses (including psoriasis) and hyperpigmentation.


We help correct a wide variety of facial skin problems, from acne to age-related changes.
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